Jersey Shore Cast's Appearance Fees Exposed

September 16, 2010 By:
Jersey Shore Cast's Appearance Fees Exposed

Love em or hate em, the Jersey Shore kids are doing something right. The cast members are rolling in the dough these days, and making even more money aside from just their episodic paychecks.

Us Magazine has the details on what each of the guidos and guidettes is charging for appearance fees.

Snooki’s number has drastically gone up in the last few months, and according to insiders is charging $20,000 to walk the red carpet at an event. Snooki is also reportedly in talks to write her own book and develop her own hair care line.

Getting Pauly D to DJ your event is going to cost you big time—he charges $20,000 for the night. As for Ronnie, he rakes in anywhere from $12K-$20K for club appearances. His girlfriend Sammi makes $15K for showing up to a club, and says, “I have beauty and fitness products in the works.”

Vinnie has the lowest return of the guys with only $6000 per appearance. But he too is working on his music, and is reportedly coming out with a single. Angelina is at the bottom of the list for the ladies, with $5000 per appearance. But even she has another deal in the works, and is creating her own accessories line. She’d better do that quick, since she’s not returning to season 3, and people will probably forget about her.

These guys all seem to be doing pretty well for themselves, but the clear winner in all of them is Mike "The Situation". Between his cologne, fitness DVD and endorsement for a nutritional supplement, and a $100K contract with Dancing With the Stars, he’s estimated to make millions this year.

We can rag on them all we want, but we’re the ones tuning in every week and adding to their exposure!