Jersey Shore Cast Offended by Rumors It's Fake

September 15, 2010 By:
Jersey Shore Cast Offended by Rumors It's Fake

Last week, rumors swirled that Jersey Shore is completely scripted, and everything we see on the show is fake. Luckily for Hollyscoop, we got to talk to each cast member EXCLUSIVELY about what the deal is.

And this is one topic everyone in the house can agree on!

We started with Snooki, who took the news personally, telling us, “I got really pissed off because none of this is fake and we put our whole selves out there for the whole world to see and the fact people say were fake that’s embarrassing.”

We asked Vinnie to comment on the rumors about the show being scripted. He told us, “Jenni’s boobs are the only fake thing on the show. Other than that everything is real.”

Ronnie added, “Nothing about the show is fake. It’s as real as it gets.”
He also seemed excited about season three, “Going to our roots back to Jersey,” he told us.

JWOWW got offended by the rumors, telling us, “That really insults me. We’re filmed 24/7 and you take away our TVs, internet and cell phones. We’re going to be these people were going to be normal human beings.”

She even commented on the episode in which she and Sammi get into a catfight. “Yes it’s all real and it is what it is,” she said. “But we are a family and we make up break up all day…that’s how a family is.”

Even Deena Nicole, who we won’t even meet until season 3 of the show, insists on its “reality.” She said, “The show is not scripted at all. It’s 100% real.”

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