Jersey Shore Cast Involved in Cocaine Scandal

June 1, 2010 By:
Jersey Shore Cast Involved in Cocaine Scandal

The guidos and guidettes of Jersey Shore are partying a little too hard this season! They spent the first few weeks of filming in Miami since it wasn’t quite warm enough at the Jersey Shore.

And we hear they’ve gone from a little harmless fist-pumping to cocaine! claims one of the cast members was scoring cocaine all the time, and the rest of the housemates knew about it. The identity of the person hasn’t been revealed.

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“Miami is obviously a big drug city,” one source said. “and when this cast member want to score, it wasn’t hard. Finding someone to buy drugs from in South Beach is as easy as asking for it. It’s not hard and everyone is discreet.”

Insiders say the cameras left the cast alone a lot more than they did during the first season, which allowed for the drug deals to go on in private.

“The cast members are veterans by now and they know how to get rid of the cameras when they want to,” said the insider. “A connection was made and that’s all it took. A lot of things were done in code. Other people knew about it but no one ratted out this person.”

Apparently people close to this particular person doesn’t see the cocaine use as a surprise. They said, “What do you expect from kids this age who suddenly have money? It was recreational. That’s no excuse for sure. That’s just the way it was.”

We wonder if this will be a part of next season’s plot! We can’t wait for season 2!