Italians Pissed at Jersey Shore Move

January 27, 2011 By:
Italians Pissed at Jersey Shore Move

Italians are throwing up their hands in a fit of fury over the possibility of Jersey Shore shooting the next season in Italy.

The President of The National Italian American Foundation told Fox News,
“We are disappointed that this irresponsible programming will be brought to Italy because it affects the image of all Americans, not only Italian Americans.

"There is a perverse curiosity in wanting to watch the show and the Italian audience, like the American audience, may be attracted to the show out of curiosity. But we know that the Italians' good taste will immediately recognize this genre of programming for what it's worth."

Co-President of the Westchester Coalition of Italian American Organization added, “We do not support this negative depiction of Italian Americans, and to shoot in Italy further creates and reinforces the negative stereotyped image of Italians which is not good for anyone, neither Italians nor Americans.”

Jersey Shore Gets the Boot

And it doesn’t stop there—now Italian American women’s groups are enraged too. “We have received many negative comments about ‘Jersey Shore’ from our members,” said Aileen Riotto Sirey, founder of the National Organization of Italian American Woman. “I’m not sure which group is more pathetic: the show itself or those who watch it!”

Other groups are calling it the modern day version of going to see the freak show or the circus! And MTV isn’t even blinking an eye.

"While the stateside 'Jersey Shore' locales have become iconic for our audience, it's really the constantly evolving dynamic amongst the cast that keeps them coming back each season," programming vice president Chris Linn said. "Europe is a fresh spin on a show that continues to reach new heights for us."

MTV is psyched that they’re getting so much press—between Jersey Shore, Teen Mom and now Skins, this bad press is exactly what the doctor ordered for the network!

What are your thoughts on the Jersey Shore kids going global?