Entire Jersey Shore Cast Gets Sued

August 30, 2010 By:
Entire Jersey Shore Cast Gets Sued

Sue one, sue all. A New Jersey woman claims she was assaulted by a Jersey Shore bodyguard after getting into a verbal altercation with Snooki and is now suing the entire cast!

According to X17online, the unidentified woman's attorney, Eugene Lavernge claims his client suffered a cut chin and a scar from the event, which took place one year ago in Seaside Heights.

She's now suing the entire cast, 495 Productions, MTV, and Viacom. Why not, right?

Her attorney also represents two other defendants who are suing the shows producers and claiming "criminal enterprise."

He's claiming the show has profited from airing fights that the cast has "deliberately provoked." Well duh! That's why everyone tunes in every week.