Cast of 'Jersey Shore' Wants More Money Again

June 17, 2011 By:
Cast of 'Jersey Shore' Wants More Money Again

Picking up eight ridiculous, seemingly unaware nobodies and paying them hardly anything to exploit them on national TV seems like a great idea. But what MTV didn’t see coming was that the public is so easily entertained, we’ll make superstars out of people like Snooki. And that’s when sh-t goes south.

After MTV struggled to get the cast to start a new season in Florence, Italy, they now have plans for a fifth season back in Jersey. But the cast is negotiating for their biggest salaries yet.

Sources connected with the Jersey Shore cast tell TMZ that the entire gang has refused to be a part of it without singing new contracts. MTV originally wanted to shoot the new season using the terms of the Season 4 contracts, but the casts’ lawyers refused.

The cast is supposed to fly back from Florence on the 23rd, at which point the Italian government will put a giant tent over the entire country and fumigate. They are supposed to start shooting the new season as early as the 26th.

Word is that most of the cast has already signed new contracts that include a pay raise—not a big one, but a raise nonetheless. The rest will apparently sign theirs this week.