Jersey Shore. biography

NAME:Jersey Shore BIRTH DATE:December 3, 2009 (Age: 5) PLACE OF BIRTH:Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Jersey Shore is an MTV reality television series that premiered on December 3, 2009 and shadows the lives of eight housemates living together in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

When executive producer Sally Ann Salsano stumbled across a poorly thought out VH1 concept of a "guido" type game show, she transformed the idea to fit her past experiences spending her summers at a beach house in Seaside Heights. After MTV Network President Van Toffler scooped up the new project, he began searching for "candor, honesty, boldness and a very combustible, chaotic mess. You could honestly say none of these people were traditionally beautiful," he stated in TV Guide's Jersey Shore: In Their Owns Words (2011).

Season 1's original cast included, Nicole Polizzi, Ronald Ortiz-Magro, Angela Pivarnick, Samantha Giancola, Vincenzo Guadagnino, Jennifer Farley and Michael Sorrentine. According to a 2011 Rolling Stone article, the house was strapped with 35 remote-controlled cameras, 12 hand-held cameras, six digital video cameras and one IMX camera, making it extremely hard for the cast to hide and producing extremely accessible drama for the audience to enjoy. Although the show premiered to dismal ratings, the show's popularity grew stronger with each aired episode and averaged 2.7 million viewers by the end of the season.

Following the show's impressive first season, the cast sprung for pay raises and won before heading to South Beach, Miami for half of the second season. The gang returned to the Jersey Shore for the second half of shooting but due to the amount of drama they caught on camera in Miami, they decided to use the new footage for season 3.

In 2010, MTV publicly declared the show's return for season 3, minus the presence of Pivarnick, who was later replaced by Polizzi's best friend Deena Nicole Cortese. The third season premiered on January 6, 2011 to a groundbreaking 8.45 million viewers.

On January 25, 2011, MTV announced that the show was renewed for a fourth season and would be shot in Italy. In June, MTV confirmed rumors of season five returning to Seaside Heights.

Despite many of the cast members receiving spin-off shows and breaking news of The Situation going to rehab for an addiction to prescription pills, MTV announced the show's plan to film a sixth and final season in Seaside Heights during the summer of 2012.

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