Barbara Walters Announces Most Fascinating People List

November 29, 2010 By:
Barbara Walters Announces Most Fascinating People List

Do you find the cast of the Jersey Shore fascinating?? Well, Barbara Walters seems to think there’s something real special about them, because they made her annual list of the 10 Most Fascinating People.

I’ll just go ahead and ignore the fact that there’s seven of them—so I guess altogether they make up one fascinating person.

"We have quite an eclectic list this year, but every subject has truly fascinated and entertained us this year," Barbara Walters said of her list this year.

The guidos definitely entertained us, but fascinated?? Not sure I can get behind that… According to ABC, the cast gives Walters a lesson in GTL, grenades, and smooshing.

"I need a lesson. Okay, because you have your own language. So you gotta help me, 'GTL,'" Walters says during the interview.

Also making the list this year are Kate Middleton, LeBron James, Betty White, Justin Bieber, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Palin.

Palin, believe it or not, is the only person to make the list three years in a row. And we wonder why her daughter made it so far on Dancing With the Stars.

Sarah says in her segment, "There are constant rumors out there about us. I saw on the cover of a tabloid, that we were getting a $20 million divorce. I was in the grocery checkout line when I saw it and I called Todd and said, 'I can't believe the cover of this magazine! This is what it says.' And Todd says, '20 million bucks? Write me a check.'"

The ABC special airs Thursday, December 9 at 10PM. The top two peeps are still under wraps at this point—but I’m placing bets on Lindsay Lohan for sure.

No one is more fascinating than that girl, and just a few weeks ago she was shooting something in the Palm Springs area that she got special permission for. Barbara Walters is definitely someone who could get Lilo out of rehab for the day.

As for the last slot, I’ll bet on Kim Kardashian, just because she’s everywhere right now!