5 "Oops" Moments of 'Jersey Shore' in Italy

June 1, 2011 By:

They tried. Oh, how they tried. But in the end, Italy could not keep the cast of Jersey Shore out of their country. Let's unite, America. We have successfully gotten rid of them. It might just be for one season, but that's enough to celebrate.

They haven't even been there a month, and the eight faces of MTV have already gotten themselves into trouble. Here are five oh-crap moments of Jersey Shore in Italy.

Deena almost falls off a bridge: So close. Jersey Shore's newest member, Deena Cortese decided to climb over a bridge in Florence and nearly fell into the River Arno. Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola pulled her over the edge. My guess is Deena saw the last season and wanted to kill herself.

Snooki runs into police. Literally.: While being escorted around the city, Snooki ran her vehicle into two Italian police officers, who were treated for whiplash. Although, the whiplash might not have been from the car crash but from catching a glimpse and Snooki, saying "what the f-ck" is that, and doing a double take.

The Situation gets his ass kicked.: Ronnie and Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino, apparently got into a fight already. But I wouldn't be surprised if Ronnie was trying to do a fist pump, got confused and did on the side of Mike's face.

300 Euro worth of traffic tickets: Since the Jersey Shore's arrival in Italy, they've accumulated 300 Euro worth of fines for traffic violations. Parking violation? 50 Euros. Speeding violation? 100 Euros. Violating an entire culture? Priceless.

They got called 'Super Idiots': A university in Florence banned it's students from fraternizing with any Jersey Shore cast member, and it doesn't look like Italian opinion of the show is limited to that. Apparently, a newspaper published a story about the cast with the headline: "super cafogne", which translates to 'super idiot'. That's actually a lot nicer than they're called in the U.S.