Jerry Springer To Give Graduation Speech

April 25, 2008 By:
Jerry Springer To Give Graduation Speech

Students at the prestigious Northwestern University are outraged over the school's choice for commencement speaker.  And of course, the students have expressed their anger via a blog:

"There is a current uproar in the graduating class. The graduation committee thought Jerry would be the appropriate speaker for this year's convocation. Most of the student body is opposed to this, but the administration is sticking by the committee's decision."

"Opponents should chant 'You suck!' when he is introduced."

"Wow, the fact that people are defending this schmuck as a speaker makes me want to cry. Jerry Springer: prime example of the degradation of the human race for money."

"This could make the best graduation ever. Better still if two hotties (preferably lesbian) rip each other's robes off."

The dean of the school apparently doesn't care, citing Jerry's history as mayor of Cincinnati, and that he's an alumni of Northwestern.  She never did mention that little show you may have heard of that kind of put him on the map and made him and bazillionaire.  The students should just treat it like another episode of Springer. Jerry, Jerry!