Jerry O'Connell Signs Up for Law School

August 14, 2009 By:
Jerry O'Connell Signs Up for Law School

Funny guy Jerry O'Connell is about to put his serious hat on as he's officially enrolled in Law School.

The new dad has enrolled at Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles and can't wait to start classes, confirms his rep.

"He is very excited to be starting his law school education here at Southwestern," Leslie Steinberg, the school's Assistant Dean of Public Affairs, tells Us Weekly.

"He just had orientation last week, and he started classes this week."

She added that although Jerry has "been out of school for awhile," he's "very excited and enthusiastic" about his studies.

She adds that O'Connell decided to enroll at Southwestern because he was "very impressed with the faculty and the vibe here. This is brand new to him as well. He's very much looking forward to his education."

What a great idea! Going back to school can be rough at first, but we have a feeling he's going to do just fine! He kind of already looks like a lawyer, doesn't he?