Shots Fired at Jermaine Dupri Party

August 3, 2008 By:
Shots Fired at Jermaine Dupri Party

Gunshots were fired Saturday night at a party sponsored by Jermaine Dupri after guests were either double charged for admission, or denied access to the party.

Celebs like P.Diddy, Usher and Nelly were in attendance at Dreamz ATL when the incident happened. Fortunately there were no serious injuries, the only person who was harmed was a security guard, who was shot in the arm but he was treated at a hospital and released shortly after.

"I'm sad this incident happened because it interrupted a beautiful and loving party. But I'm happy none of my people or friends got hurt. And the party continues," Dupri tells People in a statement.

It's hard to imagine someone would get so bent out of shape over not being able to get into a party that he would actually shoot someone over it. Unreal!