Jermaine Nominates Kanye West As Inauguration Performer

December 5, 2008 By:
Jermaine Nominates Kanye West As Inauguration Performer

The Inauguration of Barack Obama may be the hottest ticket in town, but performing at the grand bash will be the biggest honor. Just about every star on the planet is offering their vocal cords for the momentous day, but who will make the cut?

Hollyscoop caught up with Mr. Beats/super music producer Jermaine Dupri at the SLS Hotel opening in Beverly Hills to get his thoughts on who he thinks would be the perfect candidate to perform.

Dupri said: “I think Kanye West should perform. He got the right music personally, that’s first and foremost. Voice of a new generation the President and Kanye--it will send a different tone”

Dupri went on to say, “I don’t think his music is offensive to anybody especially not his new music and I think that it will work well for anybody.”

Kanye may have some competition as Beyonce and Jay Z have both been eyeing the same gig. During a recent interview Beyonce said, “They need me to sing, I’m there and I’m ready.”

Maybe they can work out a trio act. All three are so talented, we'd have a hard time choosing who we'd like to see perform. Jay Z can brush his shoulders off while Beyonce puts a ring on it and Kanye finally gets over his heartache. Who do you think would be the ideal performer for the ceremony?