Jeremy Piven's a Ladies Man

March 6, 2008 By:
Jeremy Piven's a Ladies Man

Jeremy Piven may already have a serious girlfriend, but that doesn't stop the 'Entourage' star from hitting on women every time he goes out. He's probably thinking, why have one when you can have five?

The old saying goes, when the cats away the mice will play. That's exactly what Piven did Monday night at the Twelve21 club in NYC.

"He collected a lot of numbers," said a source. "Later that night, he was texting two different models he picked up separately, telling each, 'Come meet me.' He had no clue they knew each other and were laughing about the identical messages."

When asked about the texts, Piven said, "It was my hope that in texting both ladies, I would make it onto Page Six, so everybody wins."

We see him out all the time in LA, but have never actually seen him with the same girl twice. It's really not uncommon for him to pick up on a half dozen girls while out at a single event.