Jeremy Piven: We're All Rallying for Entourage Movie

August 1, 2011 By:
Jeremy Piven: We're All Rallying for Entourage Movie

“Entourage” is every guys dream. Breakfast burritos everyday, random hookups with hot women, multiple luxury vehicles everywhere, and a friend named Turtle. It's no wonder the cast is sad to see the show go and is all rooting for an "Entourage" movie.

Jeremy Piven, the fast talking agent on HBO’s “Entourage” talks to Hollyscoop about the show ending after this season and addresses the “Entourage” movie rumors.

Piven doesn’t want to see the show come to an end, “[as] an actor, its my best season by far so I can’t be greedy.”

But hopefully he wont have to stop playing uber-agent Ari Gold forever, “I think that realistically we could transition into a movie that would be really fun as well.”

I once spent a summer watching every season of Entourage ever and I pretended it was the “Entourage-Movie,” but Piven says the show’s creator, Doug Ellin, is working on it, “They want a script from Doug Ellin. That’s the status as of now. The sooner Doug Ellin can give us a script, the sooner we can do a movie, so we need to put the pressure on that guy.”

Piven has no doubt that Mark Wahlberg, one of the show’s executive producers, would be able to finance the film. The original idea for “Entourage” was loosely based on Wahlberg’s life, so Piven thinks Wahlberg would make sure the movie gets made, “If it does come to that, I would not put it past Mark to raise the money. I think he is capable of anything that he puts his mind to. It’s evident.”

Though I wouldn’t mind seeing the cast of Entourage in 3D, Piven jokes about his character if the movie was made with “smell-o-vision,” “I think that if Entourage was 3D and had aroma-scope, I think that Ari would smell like money!”