Jenny McCarthy Says She Cured Her Son

October 17, 2008 By:
Jenny McCarthy Says She Cured Her Son

Ever since her young son was diagnosed with autism, actress Jenny McCarthy has been trying to get a message out to parents everywhere.

Jenny is convinced that her son Evan developed autism as a direct result of receiving an MMR vaccine at a very young age. She's singing a new tune now as she talks about how she cured him.

"Before the vaccination, he was huggy, lovey, snuggly. Then it was like someone came down and stole him,” she told Us Weekly.

She went on to say that after following a very strict wheat-free and dairy-free diet, she believes that her son is now completely cured of his autism.

"I made a deal with God. I said, 'You fix my boy, you show me the way and I'll teach the world how I did it.'" With five autism books under belt, it sounds like she’s keeping her promise.