Jenny McCarthy Has "Fallen" For NFL Pro Brian Urlacher

April 23, 2012 By:
Jenny McCarthy Has

Jenny McCarthy, former Playmate and sometimes TV “personality” is said to be dating Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher.

Those Bears players sure love Hollywood ladies. His teammate Jay Cutler is currently the baby daddy to Kristin Cavallari’s unborn child. I guess Urlacher wanted in on some celebrity D-List action and nabbed himself McCarthy.

Anyways, the moral of the story is that these two are apparently “in love” now or moving in together or whatever the “Hollywood” equivalent to “in love” is nowadays.

Apparently McCarthy is just giddy with love for her new man. A close friend of the actress tells the Chicago Sun-Times that McCarthy “has really fallen for the guy. He’s such a man’s man, the most macho guy Jenny’s dated or been involved with for a long, long time.”

Have you seen photos of Urlacher? He looks like the love-child of The Incredible Hulk and Mr. Clean. “Macho” doesn’t even begin to describe him.

Just to put things into perspective, Jenny McCarthy was the longtime love of funnyman Jim Carrey and Urlacher once had a momentary hook-up with Paris Hilton sometime around the release of “One Night In Paris.”

As mismatched as these two seem, apparently they make perfect sense together.

The source adds that McCarthy loves that Urlacher is the strong, silent type and how he “quietly takes care of her when they’re together.”

“That may sound old-fashioned, especially since Jenny is very much her own person and a very contemporary, independent woman in many ways. But she loves the attention and the way he treats her. It’s very comforting.”