Josh Hutcherson And Jennifer Love Hewitt Are Acquaintances, Not Dating

June 12, 2012 By:
Josh Hutcherson And Jennifer Love Hewitt Are Acquaintances, Not Dating

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt working her way into cougar territory by eyeing A-list newbie Josh Hutcherson? The answer is no.

Oh No They Didn’t has reported that Hewitt, 33, just happened to show up last week at Hamburger Mary’s in Hollywood, for a drag queen bingo event where Josh Hutcherson, 19, was the honorary celebrity guest.

No, we don’t think that wearing dresses and bouffant wigs is his “thing,” but he is involved with an anti-bullying campaign Straight But Not Narrow.

The goal of the organization is to raise awareness and ultimately acceptance for gay rights among young straight males, who are the most frequent bullying offenders. Good cause, Josh.

Hutcherson was on hand at Mary’s to call out bingo numbers, bringing some celeb sparkle to the event. And as far as we know, he was rocking his own clothes for the affair.

Hewitt and Hutcherson seemed to have some sort of a pre-established friendly repoire, which is what led to the speculation that she was there not coincidentally, but to support him specifically.

We spoke to Hewitt’s rep who tells Hollyscoop exclusively that the actress and Hutcherson are only acquaintances. Love attended the event as she has previously and was seated with a group of her friends.

The Client List call girl recently outted herself as being on the prowl when she hit on the freshly single Adam Levine through the press. He was flattered. The end.

Not so lucky in love, read about Hewitts worst date ever.

Let’s get back the Hutcherson cause this Hunger Games kid is definitely alright, and we think, ripe for the picking.
So maybe, just maybe Hewitt should consider expanding her dating parameters to earn a spot on our Celebrity Cougar list of Women Who Know What They Want.

Regardless, we wish JLove luck in her pursuits… whoever they may be.