Jennifer Love Hewitt Will Make a "Good Wife"

March 23, 2010 By:
Jennifer Love Hewitt Will Make a

Will someone just marry Jennifer Love Hewitt already? Ever since we've known of Jennifer, she's had boyfriends but none of her relationships ever seem to go anywhere. It's very obvious that all the girl wants is just to get married.

She was dating Jamie Kennedy for a year, but that didn't work out. Hewitt claims that although she doesn't mind being single, she is ready to settle down and have children.

She said: “It's what life handed me, and I'm OK with it. I know wholeheartedly that I'm a really good partner. I think I'm a really good girlfriend, and I think that I could be a really good wife. I know that I love being able to give my love out to someone. I know there is somebody great out there for me.

“I’m a hopeless romantic. My middle name is Love. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. I want to have a family and children. I am a sucker for every romantic comedy that comes out,” she added.

She also addressed the ‘serial dater’ tag that's been given to her because of her dating lifestyle, saying that she's no different than other women.

She told the USA Today newspaper: “I'm made fun of a lot for it, but I don't think I'm that different from a large group of people out there who are better and happier when they can spend time with someone.”

Although Jennifer Love Hewitt says that she is OK being single, we all know she is "that" girl that HAS to have a boyfriend. There are many girls out there just like her. There's nothing to be ashamed of Jennifer!