Jennifer Love Hewitt Psycho About Getting Engaged

January 25, 2011 By:
Jennifer Love Hewitt Psycho About Getting Engaged

Jennifer Love Hewitt is totally one of those girls. Ya know, the ones who drop hints constantly to their boyfriends about getting engaged?

Well JLH has managed to take it to the next level—and she’s not ashamed of her behavior. She went on Ellen yesterday, and told her that she has three engagement rings picked out—just in case.

“Well, I actually have three because I feel like I'm doing the guy a favor,” JLH said of the rings. “I feel women are very confusing. We never know what we want and we're not very good at nailing that down for them. And I feel like I don't want to be upset if he picks a bad ring, so I feel like having three picked out and saying, "Look! Look at this plethora of things you can chose from!"

The conversation is too rich to take out of context, so read below:

Ellen: So you tell them this ahead of time?

Jennifer: Well, yes.

Ellen: You say, "I have three rings picked out, should you decide..."

Jennifer: Well, if it gets to that conversation. If marriage comes up, I'm like, "You know what's so weird. There is this store and there are three rings in it."

Ellen: What store is it?

Jennifer: Tiffany's. And if you chose one of these three, I'm going to be really excited. And if you go off on your own, we can have an awful, awkward moment. So why would you want to do that?
Ellen: Well, maybe you're limiting yourself. Wouldn't that be a lovely surprise if he picks out or designs something really special that's gigantic?

Jennifer: Yeah, I never thought of it that way. Maybe that should be my growth for the New Year. To let the rings go.

Ellen: But I understand what you're saying.

Ok, can you say psycho?! Maybe this is why her relationships with both Ross McCall and Jamie Kennedy fell apart?

This girl is like a guy’s worst nightmare! And doesn’t she know that Tiffany’s is like the ultimate trap? You can get the same exact diamond for half the price anywhere else!