Jennifer Love Hewitt Can Read

February 15, 2011 By:
Jennifer Love Hewitt Can Read

America’s favorite forehead with breasts, Jennifer Love Hewitt, is promoting her new book, The Day I Shot Cupid.

Do we really want to take dating advice from a woman who dated Jamie Kennedy and brings home a new guy every Thanksgiving? The answer is no, and that’s why Hewitt is taking her own advice—because somebody has to.

"Honestly, I know it's cheesy," Hewitt said. “But it really helped me.”

I haven’t heard anyone else review this book except Jennifer Love Hewitt. I’m guessing the back cover looks something like this:

“I loved it!” –Jennifer Love Hewitt

“A great read!” –Jennifer Love Hewitt

“I wrote a book!” –Jennifer Love Hewitt

And isn’t writing the book before you learn from it kind of backwards? That’s like Bill Clinton writing My Life before he became president. But then again, this is coming from a woman who’s already picked out three engagement rings without having had her boyfriend propose. I don’t think she understands the natural order of things.

Hewitt also told that her boyfriend-of-the-week, Alex Beh, gives her flowers every day.
“Every single day. He'll either give me a bouquet, or handpick one."

I’m guessing it’s to buy himself some time before she shoves his ass down the isle.