Jennifer Love Hewitt and Other Actresses Who Have Played Hookers

August 11, 2011 By:
Jennifer Love Hewitt and Other Actresses Who Have Played Hookers

Over the years, Jennifer Love Hewitt has been relying more and more on her boobs for acting gigs. The ghost whisperer was basically about a pair of double Ds that could talk to the dead.

Now, she's just straight up playing a prostitute. Lifetime has picked up the The Client List, an hour-long series starring and executive produced by Hewitt. It will be the first time straight men will tune in to the network.

The show is based on the network's 2010 movie that had the same title and also starred Hewitt. She plays a Texas housewife struggling to make ends meet, so she runs a "day spa". It's like Breaking Bad but with vagina. Which is probably exactly how she pitched the series.

JENNIFER: It's me, and prostitution, and—


JENNIFER: Can I put my shirt on now?

Everyone wins in this situation. Dudes get to see their 90s sex symbol play a madam, and if there's one thing women love, it's stories about hookers.

Julia Roberts has played an array of characters. A schoolteacher, a journalist, a political activist. But what will she always be remembered as? A whore. Yes, we loved Julia in Pretty Woman. That movie launched her into superstardom.

And women loved the book/show Secret Diary of a Call Girl. The series revolves around a London woman who lives a second life as a call girl. The San Francisco Chronicle said of the show: "There's surprise at how much you've underestimated its quality." But the series was criticized by some feminists who thought it objectified women.

We loved Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge. Is it just me, or did that movie make you want to be a hooker, ladies? It looked awesome. It was glamorous, set in Paris, and the costumes were beautiful. Unfortunately, in real life, prostitution usually means standing on the corner of Hollywood/Vine and giving out $5 hand jobs in a dirty, ripped up shirt with Tweety bird on it.

Our love of glamorizing prostitution goes back a long time. Marlene Dietrich played a hot, swanky whore in Blonde Venus. Dietrich's character was a nightclub singer/prostitute who was trying to pay for her husband's medical expenses by having sex with Cary Grant.

Ah, hookers. They've been a subject of curiosity for ages. Jennifer's just jumping on the bandwagon. And this might be her most successful endeavor since Party of Five.