Carson Daly on Ex Jennifer Love Hewitt's Crush: 'Good Luck!'

April 11, 2012 By:
Carson Daly on Ex Jennifer Love Hewitt's Crush: 'Good Luck!'

If you don’t remember the late 90s, Carson Daly and Jennifer Love Hewitt were quite the item. Thirteen years later and ‘The Voice’ host Carson is good friends with judge Adam Levine.

And Jennifer Love Hewitt wants Adam Levine.

Hollyscoop caught up with Carson backstage at ‘The Voice,’ where he laughed about his ex’s new crush.

“I saw that,” Carson told Hollyscoop. “I think she’s got good taste. He’s a good looking guy!”

But Jennifer is just one of many waiting in line for Adam. Carson told Hollyscoop: “She’s one in a million out there. Good luck!”

Carson told us he takes pride in getting to know all of the contestants on ‘The Voice.’

“I love, I mean, I feel like they are people from all over the country who don't live in LA and NY and they're pursing their dream of music,” Carson told Hollyscoop. “I don't know, it's exciting. Being a host is like being a party host.”

Carson added that ‘The Voice’ is becoming his second family.

“Today, I mean, I've been here since 10 AM. Adam and I spent two hours in front of my trailer in floppy chairs,” Carson told Hollyscoop. “He played me the new Maroon 5 record. Blake came over and we talked about some things. My son's here and plays with Christina's kids. It's family. I mean, it's as family as you can imagine.”

As far as Christina’s alleged rudeness with the contestants goes, Carson tells Hollyscoop:

“I've been supportive of her ability to, despite the camera and what people think, say how she feels. I think she's doing what she is getting paid to do and doing a good job with it.”