Adam Levine: Jennifer Love Hewitt Crush Is 'Flattering'

April 12, 2012 By:
Adam Levine: Jennifer Love Hewitt Crush Is 'Flattering'

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a dating vulture. She smells a fresh wound and then just starts circling her prey. In this case, the prey is Adam Levine.

"I just read two days ago that Adam Levine is single again," Jennifer said. "I'm just saying. Look, we would be cute."

"It's very, very flattering," Levine told Access Hollywood of J.Love's crush. "It's very flattering and very sweet. It was lovely to hear."

Guys, there's one thing we ladies do not want to hear when we profess our love to you. And it's something along the lines of, "it was lovely to hear."

You might as well pat her on the head and say, 'Well thank you for that. Now run along, ya little scamp!'

"I'm not going to let it get to my head," Adam said.

The Maroon 5 singer recently split with his Victoria's Secret model girlfriend Anne Vyalitsyna. She announced the split on April 2, "blindsiding" Adam. Apparently, they had been having rough times but the breakup wasn't mutual.

"It was a cheap shot," a Levine friend explained. "Anne didn't want it to look like he broke up with her."

The friend added that Levine is "heartbroken."

"He wasn't even fully sure they were really broken up."

Hollyscoop talked to Jennifer's ex, Carson Daly, about her crush on Adam. Carson hosts 'The Voice,' and he and Adam have become good friends.

"I think she's got good taste," Carson told Hollscoop. "He's a good looking guy!"

His final assessment: “She’s one in a million out there. Good luck!”