Why 2014 Is Going to Be the Year of J.Lo

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Why 2014 Is Going to Be the Year of J.Lo
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The planets are aligning and the stars are spelling out one word: “J.Lo.” Jennifer Lopez’s music career is heating back up again and we can’t help but foresee 2014 as being one of her biggest years yet.

First of all, Jennifer is 44 and still absolutely smokin’.

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That fact is all over the cover art for her forthcoming album A.K.A. which is primed to be her tenth!

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Her recent performance of “First Love” at the Billboard Music Awards gave us a taste of what to expect from the Year of J.Lo.


Basically lots of sparkly jumpsuits…

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Luminescent cheekbones for days…

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And hair, hair, hair, and more flawless hair.

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The video for her first single “I Luh Ya Papi” also went a surprising route—she made it a feminist commentary on the objectification of women in music videos.


Not only is she inspiring women, but all genders as a returning judge on “American Idol.”


The two-part finale airs tonight, FYI.


This year will also see a first for J.Lo: a book!

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Believe it or not, yes, this is a first for the actress/singer whose career spans decades. It’s called True Love, a personal diary of her life these past two years and is due out in October.


She’s Jennifer Lopez and she cannot be stopped. Not this year anyway.

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Just ask her Billboard Icon award.