Watch Jennifer Lopez Strip to Nearly Nothing

March 5, 2013 By:
Watch Jennifer Lopez Strip to Nearly Nothing

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to showing some skin.

Jennifer gave Angelina Jolie's Right Leg™ a run for its stockings when she showed up at this year's Grammys with her own flagrant Showgirls display. J.Lo's leg at the Grammys was like the celebrity version of The Great Wall of China: You could see that leg with your blind eye from space.

Let's just say she's puh-retty comfortable with her body. Looking at the latest clip from her new movie Parker, it's obvious why.

In the preview, Jennifer strips down to her skivvies for her co-star Jason Statham. Because we know it's hard to pay attention when J.Lo is wearing next to nothing, you're probably just hearing the actress recite a handful of lines that sound like blah blah boobs blah blah butt blah.

Since celebrity news is kind of our thing and all, seeing Jennifer in such an explicitly intimate light isn't out of the ordinary to us. Inspecting J.Lo's every fleshy curve is like checking our emails really, so we are just the qualified people to see through the nudity and translate the context of this scene. We're basically doing a national public service for you.

So, Jennifer's a desperate real estate agent who's willing to team up with The One Role Jason Statham Knows How To Play, a bonafide jewel/car/art/bank thief. She pleads to be the inside woman for his sneaky scheme, but in order to continue, he needs to know he can trust her. After all, this isn't Jason's first rodeo (for reference, see: Crank, Safe, The Expendables, The Expendables 2, The TransporterThe Transporter 2, The Transporter: Still Transporting 43). If they're going to play buddy-buddy and steal stuff, he has to make sure she's not wearing a wire. To gain his loyalty, she just has to slip off all of her conservative clothes and—BAM!—an action movie is born.

Anyway, The Moral Of This Post: Jennifer Lopez is 43 and she's still got it.