Stacey Dash Back on the Market, Other Hot & Single Celebs Over 40

September 30, 2011 By:
Stacey Dash Back on the Market, Other Hot & Single Celebs Over 40

Stacey Dash’s divorce to Emmanuel Xuereb is official, which means she’s back on the market, guys.

The couple married in 2007, but in January of last year, Stacey filed for divorce and also got a restraining order against the guy, who she claimed abused her during their marriage, hitting her in the “face, head and body.” If true, this guy’s a moron. A clueless moron.

And oh, according to Wikipedia, Stacey Dash is apparently 45 years old. Which I think is total crap and am currently petitioning to edit her Wiki page because I’m sorry, that is physically impossible. She is not aging. At all. Science needs to look into that.

So what other middle-aged women defy the laws of nature? Well, there’s J.Lo, for one. Not only does gravity not apply to her, as her ass still refuses to quit after all these years, she also has the energy of Willow Smith. And that’s a lot.

Jennifer Lopez has been through a lot in her 42 years. Divorce, work, the threat of an “intimate home video” being released… How she says looking that good after all that stress is beyond me. I cry during an episode of Coming Home, and I look like sh-t the next day.

Then there’s Demi Moore. I don’t know what Demi does to her face, but she doesn't look 48 years old. Usually, when a 48 year old has zero wrinkles, they also can’t move any muscle in their face and look like some weird Beverly Hills alien creature. Not Demi, her agelessness looks totally natural. And okay, she’s not officially single, but with all the rumors swirling around lately, and the cryptic Tweets, her marriage isn’t looking good. I can only imagine how many dudes are waiting for this lady to be back on the market.

Sandra Bullock has had her share of heartbreak, but at 47, she’s handling it beautifully and gracefully. She was recently rumored to be hooking up with much younger actor, Ryan Reynolds. Just proves, she’s still got it.

Courteney Cox is also 47, and most women who are almost 50 need to use makeup as a crutch. Not Courtney. She often walks around town totally natural, without so much as a stroke of eyeshadow on. Now you’re just showing off, Courtney.

Denise Richards is 40, and how you can be married to Charlie Sheen and not come out of it looking like hell is beyond me. Richards is almost twice the age of Charlie’s ex “goddesses”, and they didn’t hold a candle to her. Whoever reels this lady in better lock her down fast.