Snoop Offers Advice to J. Lo

February 27, 2008 By:
Snoop Offers Advice to J. Lo

Snoop Dogg has offered up some parenting advice to new mom Jennifer Lopez. He has a "fatherhood" show, and now he's an expert. Hysterical.

He tells her, "One baby at a time. She's going to have a good time with it.
Babies are beautiful, especially having two at one time. I wish her luck,
and that her babies remain safe and healthy.

"Parents are teachers. These are peoplewho have knowledge and wisdom and they're trying to pass it on to you. Whenthey give you that, even if you don't like it or understand it - take it infor what it's worth because one day you'll hear that voice again and you'll be able to make a decision. You can say 'I'm going to do the right thing or the wrong thing, but at least I know what's right and what's wrong."

Snoop doesn't have the cleanest of slates, but maybe he's making a turnaround.