Simon Cowell Probably Doesn't Hate Jennifer Lopez

February 15, 2011 By:
Simon Cowell Probably Doesn't Hate Jennifer Lopez

Hide your kids, hide your wife! Simon Cowell is on the prowl, looking for a host for his new show, X Factor. According to London’s Daily Mirror, after being turned down by Jennifer Lopez, Cowell is now interested in Jamie Foxx.

According to the Mirror's source, “Jennifer quickly saw sense and pulled out of US X Factor, which is why you’ve got this unseemly scramble for judges going on as we speak.”

They reported that Lopez originally took Cowell up on the offer because she was “was bowled over by [his] charm”, but was then lured back by American Idol creator Simon Fuller.

But all the hype may be just that. After the Daily Mirror was done with the story, Simon was “seething” after Lopez “snubbed” his offer. Between this story and Cowell’s ego, it may be that London just likes blowing things out of proportion.

People reports that a source close to X Factor says, "She wanted to do X Factor because it was a new show with a potentially younger audience, but she was independently also in talks with American Idol at the same time. When Simon found that out, X Factor immediately pulled out of the negotiations."

While it’s possible that People’s “source” might just be Cowell calling in with a voice modulator, their story sounds a little more reasonable. Plus, the Mirror’s claim that Lopez was blown away by “Cowell’s charm” already makes me skeptical.

Jamie Foxx would be great, but if he declines, Cowell should look for a much younger judge to balance things out. He’s 51; his take on what’s current might be a little skewed, as evidenced by his flat top. Seriously, I don’t know what’s going on up there. But that's what happens when a man over fifty still has hair.