Report: Jennifer Lopez Selling Jewelry From Marc Anthony

December 15, 2011 By:
Report: Jennifer Lopez Selling Jewelry From Marc Anthony

Love don’t cost a thing. Tokens of love, on the other hand, can go for millions.

Jennifer Lopez is apparently finding closure in her divorce from Marc Anthony in the most lucrative way possible—by selling all her jewelry from him.

Yeah, I sold the jewelry from my ex, too. Turns out Forever 21 owl necklaces don’t go for much.

Based on a source close to the pop star, Lopez is getting rid of clothes and gifts too.

“J.Lo also reportedly is quietly selling all the jewelry Anthony gave her—and he gave her quite a lot,” the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

The source adds that this is usually how Lopez deals with her breakups. I guess she prefers not to have any visual reminders of the heartbreak. Getting rid of those keepsakes really helps the heart to mend itself. Banging a younger guy works, too.

“When Jennifer moves on, she totally moves on," the source continued. They added that her newest boyfriend, Casper Smart, “will likely discover he will ‘disappear’ when she tires of him too.”

I’m not sure why ‘disappear’ is in quotation marks, but that’s kinda scary. Is J.Lo in the mob now?

When Jennifer split from Ben Affleck in 2004, Lopez sold back that engagement ring, too. It was a giant, $1.2 million Harry Winston glacier with 6.1 carats of pink diamonds. The jeweler bought the ring back but wouldn’t disclose any details on what happened with it. The auction was kept confidential and was available to “serious bidders” only.