Nicki Minaj Vs. Jennifer Lopez: Catfight!

March 30, 2012 By:
Nicki Minaj Vs. Jennifer Lopez: Catfight!

Nicki Minaj stopped by American Idol to perform her new single, “Starships” (more on that later) and got into a cat fight with Jennifer Lopez. Drama!

After Nicki’s performance Ryan Seacrest invited her back to the show and Nicki said, “I was hoping maybe I could come back and be a guest judge.”

The crowd went nuts and then Nicki said, “J.Lo, can you scoot over a little bit?”

Lopez then made “fake laugh” sounds but bitterly and sweetly told Nicki, “I don’t know if there’s enough room for both of us.”

Haha so true, because there’s not enough room behind that judges table for both their asses. HEYO!

Later Nicki told The Hollywood Reporter, “She didn’t seem to be having it but she gonna have it!” Then Nicki got real, “No, actually, I love J-Lo. I love what she’s done for pop culture I have nothing but respect for her and we were just joking around.”

But were they though? I sensed some omigod this young b-tch is gonna steal my thunder, how quickly can I learn to rap? from J.Lo.

Nicki added, “I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun with them when I’m guest judging.”

Wait, so it’s a thing? Nicki’s actually going to be a guest host?

As for Nicki’s “Starships” performance, it was very lip sync-y, but what were you expecting really?