Marc Anthony Throwing Temper Tantrum Over J.Lo's New Man

December 14, 2011 By:
Marc Anthony Throwing Temper Tantrum Over J.Lo's New Man

Apparently, Marc Anthony is so livid that his ex, Jennifer Lopez, is dating someone new, that he's throwing temper tantrums.

I'm not exactly sure what that means, since he's a grown man. He's refusing to eat his vegetables until they break up? Here, I'll let a source explain:

"He has fits and tantrums and is very stressed," a source tells Us Weekly. "[He's] lost a lot of weight."

But Anthony's rep says he's "been the same weight most of his life."

What, are these people weighing Marc Anthony every time J.Lo does something?

Hey, Marc. J.Lo hit up a nightclub and killed it last night. Time to get on the scale…

Lopez has been dating her much younger backup dancer, Casper Smart, and coincidentally, the 24 year-old dude is now driving a Bentley. Because J.Lo isn't gonna be seen with her man driving around in a '98 Corolla. The car is actually Lopez's, and according to TMZ, Casper has been using it for his own personal errands, too.

Friends of Lopez aren't as thrilled with Smart being in her life.

"They don't feel Casper is good enough for her," a source says. "They are worried because she really puts her heart out there for love."

I mean, we love J.Lo here, but she doesn’t exactly have the best track record with backup dancers. Even Pam Anderson learned her lesson and stopped dating drummers.

Lopez has been keeping quiet about her whirlwind romance with Casper:

"Until I'm in a really serious relationship…because of the babies - I'm not really gonna be commenting on my personal life."

We'll be waiting, J.Lo. We'll be waiting.