The Least Sexy Nip Slips

February 6, 2014 By:
The Least Sexy Nip Slips
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If you'll excuse the pun, a nip slip is a titillating affair. When shooting the covers for high fashion magazines, stylists can toil for hours to get the right nip-to-areola ratio and if done right, it can dominate celebrity news headlines for the next 14-29 hours. But when a nip slip goes bad and it happens in the wilderness (a public engagement, not in the confines of a studio set), well, this is the result...


Paris Hilton’s nip slip

Go home, nip slip. You’re drunk.


Tara Reid’s nip slip



Kate Moss’s nip slip

Not her best angle.


Milla Jovovich’s nip slip

Poor thing.


Kelly Rowland’s nip slip

She’s completely wrapped up in the song, but not in her outfit.


Janice Dickinson’s nip slip

You got a little too excited, Janice.


Nicki Minaj’s nip slip

Just all over the place.


Jennifer Lopez’s nip slip

Definitely didn’t mean to totally unravel.