J.Lo's Ex: Being Married To Her Was Difficult

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J.Lo's Ex: Being Married To Her Was Difficult
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In case you ever wondered what it's like to be married to Jennifer Lopez (because who hasn't, really?) hate to squash your fantasies this early on a Tuesday morning.

In reality a J.Lo marriage is not all romantic dinners over paella by candlelight and tanning together on a Spanish beach. In other words, not at all like your dreams, apparently.

Jennifer's ex-husband #2/back-up dancer #258, Cris Judd was married to the singer for an astonishing nine months back in the early Aughts.

In a British magazine that likes to cover old stories yet calls itself new!, Cris spills why the marriage didn't live up to his expectations and dissolved over a decade ago.

"You have to have that balance of work and home life, and you have to have moments of intimacy," Cris said of the toll Jennifer's career took on their relationship. "Her schedule was strenuous and there wasn't much downtime. If I wasn't traveling with her, it was very difficult to have those moments of closeness."

Why he's talking now is anyone's guess (did that non-disclosure reach its 12-year expiration date?). Regardless, that's not to say it was exactly her fault, Cris added. "Behind closed doors, Jennifer's a regular girl. But when you're in demand like that, there are a lot of things you sacrifice. Personal relationships are one of them."

"Your career can take the front seat and if you don't have a balance, it's not going to work out," he said of what he learned from it all.

Don't let worrying about Cris get in the way of your daily activities though. He's doing fine. "The time that I had with her was beautiful and it's something I'll never forget," he said. "But I'm remarried now, so I'm happy."