J.Lo Takes Casper Smart to 'American Idol' Dinner In Vegas

December 20, 2011 By:
J.Lo Takes Casper Smart to 'American Idol' Dinner In Vegas

Casper Smart has sex with his boss, gets to drive a Bentley, and now, he’s hanging out with the American Idol crew. This dude’s Christmas bonus is gonna be ridiculous.

Last night the cast of American Idol hung out in Las Vegas after they finished taping an episode of the show. Just after 8pm, Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson, Ryan Seacrest and Jennifer Lopez all arrived at the celeb-central Social House. And they were joined by Lopez’s new guy, Casper Smart. The group sat down and had dinner at the Pan-Asian restaurant. Okay, Papi. Remember be quiet when the grownups are talking. Here’s some colors.

Now let’s get to the important part of this story. What did they eat?

The A-listers dined on the cuisine of Executive Chef Peter Woo. Specifically, they ordered the Big Eye Pizza, Kobe Hanger Steak and Yellow Tail Jalapeno. They guzzled it all down with a round of Caymus Cabernet.

J.Lo has been taking Casper everywhere lately. The two recently hit up Polacheck’s jewelry store in Calabasas, California. After spending about an hour in the high-end store, Casper left separately, headed for Lopez’s Bentley. He drove it around to the back of the building, where J.Lo exited, escorted by a worker.

Casper later Tweeted: “Christmas shopping makes me tired.. Lol.. Hope everyone had a good weekend.... #goodnight.”

Meanwhile, Lopez has reportedly been confused for Smart’s mother, though I feel like I need to call BS, because come on, people know who J.Lo is. A source said:

“Jennifer is tired of people making comments. She doesn't know what's worse –being mistaken for Casper's mother or being accused of being a cradle-robbing cougar!”