J.Lo Is Still Pregnant and Still a Diva

February 18, 2008 By:
J.Lo Is Still Pregnant and Still a Diva

Doesn't it seem like Jennifer Lopez has been pregnant forever? Hadn't she scheduled her C-Section on Valentine's Day?

For the past two months we've been hearing horror stories about Jennifer Lopez preparing for the birth of her child. Anywhere from J.Lo wearing Cavalli while giving birth to her scheduling emergency drills in case her twins get taken from the hospital. Ok the second one happened but it wasn't because J.Lo scheduled it.

One thing she has done though is reserve her suite at the North Shore University Hospital on Long Island. The room is already reserved and furnished especially for Jenny from the block and no one, I mean NO ONE is allowed in!

"No one's even allowed in there until she gets here. It's just sitting there for her," an employee at the hospital said.

Dude, just give birth already! Why do these diva celebs have to complicate things and make everything seem over the top? Your gonna be screaming and crying while in labor just like "Nancy" who is in the room next door so quit it already!