J.Lo is Confident She'll Find Love Again Soon

August 2, 2011 By:
J.Lo is Confident She'll Find Love Again Soon

Jennifer Lopez may be going through a high profile split, but she feels so blessed in so many other ways, nothing can get her down these days.

This is J.Lo’s third failed marriage, but she’s confident she’ll find love again.

She said: "This was the hardest decision I've ever had to face. I really wanted this family to work. That was my biggest dream, and I worked hard at it. We both did. Sometimes it doesn't work — and that's sad. But I remain an eternal optimist about love. I believe in love...It's still my biggest dream."

Interestingly enough, this interview with Vanity Fair took place right before she announced her split from Marc Anthony. Sounds like they’ve been struggling to make it work for months.

She added to VF: "It's getting increasingly harder. When we were first married, most of the time, and even before the babies were born, we were able to go everywhere together. I wasn't working as much. So we kind of had that. I went on tour with him a few times in the first few years of our marriage, and we did a film together. It's hard, and we're figuring it out. It's tough.

"And everything is ramping up in a way. Like I said, we had the first three years of our marriage just for us. I wasn't working, it was mainly about him. Then we got pregnant. Then it became about the kids. And then I started working again."

Sources say Marc got increasingly jealous of J.Lo’s career and it took a toll on the marriage. He was jealous and controlling and there was only so much she could take. It’s sad that their twins have to split their time between Mom and Dad now, but it sounds like it’s for the best.