J.Lo Is A Hands-On Mommy

May 23, 2008 By:
J.Lo Is A Hands-On Mommy

You can’t criticize Jennifer Lopez for having nannies taking care of her kids while she goes out because she doesn’t have a nanny. J.Lo really wants to be a full-time mom for at least a year.

Lopez and Anthony did have a nanny when the twins were born, but the nanny quit. The couple has decided not to replace the nanny and take care of the kids by themselves.

"They both told their managers that the next year would be all about family." It is gonna be all about family when Anthony goes on tour next month because he’s planning on taking Jennifer and the twins with him.

It sounds so unlikely for Jennifer Lopez out of all celebrities to not have a nanny on hand. She does have the diva reputation but maybe she’s really turned over a new leaf with motherhood.