J.Lo Assigns Marc Anthony To Diaper Duty

July 31, 2008 By:
J.Lo Assigns Marc Anthony To Diaper Duty

When Jennifer Lopez told the world she was a "hands on" mom and "didn't have any help" when it came to the twins, we should have known better than to believe her.

Weeks after two of her secret nannies quit, J.Lo has apparently assigned her hubby Marc Anthony to diaper duty at night so she can get her beauty sleep.

Marc says, "Jennifer pushes me out of bed to go and check on the twins if they are crying. Absolutely."

He added, "We share the parenting responsibilities. We are a team. I love being a dad and that is a big part of it. My family is strong and my foundations are good and they give me so much energy. So I have energy to look after them and energy to work. I am on top of the world right now."

J.Lo's last nannies quit because they were forced to work 16+ hour days and never got paid overtime. Granted they were making $2500+ a week, apparently it still wasn't enough to deal with J.Lo.