J.Lo Annoyed Over Scientology Interview Leak

October 8, 2008 By:
J.Lo Annoyed Over Scientology Interview Leak

Reporter Kevin Sessums was hired to do a cover story for the current issue of Elle, but the head honchos over at the magazine became concerned that his piece was getting too personal.

At the request of Jennifer Lopez's people, they re-assigned the job to Peter Rubin. But the article didn't die there.

Tina Brown's web site, The Daily Beast, got a hold of the original interview and published it online. Kevin described J-Lo as, "Her unwashed hair is pulled severely back and there's a halo of frizz around the crown of her head."

She apparently goes on to say that she gave birth via C-section and does not breast-feed her twin babies. And while she isn't a Scientologist, she and Mark are open to enrolling their kids to Scientology school, Max and Emme in the classes. Obviously, the singer's reps were none too pleased with the Daily Beast.