J.Lo and Casper Smart Splitzville?!

June 19, 2012 By:
J.Lo and Casper Smart Splitzville?!

There is reportedly trouble in paradise for superstar J.Lo and her boytoy Casper Smart! Well, that was about six months longer than I expected it to last.

According to this article from Spanish language talk show “El Gordo Y La Flaca” that I haphazardly translated from Spanish to English via Google Translate the article insinuates that the couple are having some issues but doesn't totally confirm that J.Lo and Casper have broken up.

The issues at hand - Casper is apparently feuding with J.Lo’s manager Benny Medina, claiming HE should be J.Lo’s new manager. He’s also reportedly getting a $10,000 a week allowance and J.Lo fears he is after her money rather than her love.

Actually, this sounds like a great plot for a sappy J.Lo romantic comedy. Maybe we can get Matthew McConaughey in the Casper Smart role. I don’t know, can someone make a call?

Anyways, the main problem is Casper’s desire to completely manage J.Lo’s career. Wasn’t that the problem with J.Lo and Marc Anthony? Marc was too controlling?

The report suggests J.Lo’s family feels like Casper is using her. I would like to add that all of America thinks he is using her. She’s crazy rich, buys him whatever he wants and is like way older than him! Yeah, he’s using her!

This news comes just one week after J.Lo had to shoot down engagement rumors.

Also, earlier this month, a J.Lo source revealed that Casper ruined a meeting with J.Lo, Medina and FOX executives when he decided he was better for J.Lo at managing her business career.

“We’re all hoping she’ll soon realize that Casper is just her boyfriend and that he needs to stay out of her business affairs,” a source told National Enquirer.

We’ve reached out to J.Lo’s rep for comment but so far, no response.