Jennifer Lopez Wasn't First Choice for Idol

August 3, 2010 By:
Jennifer Lopez Wasn't First Choice for Idol

Jennifer Lopez may be the “frontrunner” when it comes to the new American Idol judges, but she was never the first choice for producers.

According to Popeater, J. Lo was only given an offer after several big names declined.
"J.Lo was definitely not the first choice," says an insider. "In fact, she wasn't even the second or third choice."

Sources say the first to be approached were Elton John and Barry Manilow, but neither were interested.
"It became clear that neither performer was ready to stop doing what they did best, writing and performing," the 'insider adds. "Plus, they are international legends. They certainly don't want their legacy to be [as] the guy that replaced Simon Cowell on Idol."

So how did they go from Elton and Barry to Jennfer?? Insiders say the execs then went to artists whose careers were slumping a little, hence J. Lo and Jessica Simpson.

"Let's face facts," one insider says. "Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Lopez's careers are in a slump. They are still big names, but haven't sold out solo shows or had hit CDs in a long time. I think we can all agree that both ladies' movie careers are dead and the offers are not pouring in."

"This was definitely Jessica's to lose and that's exactly what her dad-manager did. Once it became clear it was going to be impossible to negotiate a deal with papa Joe, J.Lo was snapped up. Convinced being on the show would relaunch her performing career, she accepted the new job right away."

Wow! We’re surprised Jess would pass this up! Her career is definitely suffering more than J. Lo’s!