Jennifer Lopez Wants to Be a Gleek

April 24, 2010 By:
Jennifer Lopez Wants to Be a Gleek

Jennifer Lopez is such a huge fan of Fox's hit show Glee, she's practically begging producers for a role. And she'll take any role at this point!

J.Lo told Ellen, “I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah whatever,” she said. “I’m a huge fan.’ Whenever you want… I’m good. I kind of offered myself up.”

Luckily the producers want her, but the only issue is timing. She added, “I sat down with show creator Ryan Murphy and we talked me doing something on Glee."

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“We want to. We want to do it. They have it all mapped out for the next like eight episodes, whatever is airing right now. So he’s like, ‘Let’s wait and do it really right when you do come on.’ ”

When the cameo does happen, what can we expect from J.Lo? Apparently she'll play a cafeteria lady at McKinley High, with her character being given a makeover from Chris Colfer‘s character Kurt Hummel.

J.Lo was great on 'How I Met Your Mother' so we're sure she'll do just as great on 'Glee'.