Jennifer Lopez Tears Up While Talking About Lost Love

October 23, 2011 By:
Jennifer Lopez Tears Up While Talking About Lost Love

Jennifer Lopez showed fans a different side of her on Saturday night while performing at her jam-packed Mohegan Sun concert in Montville, Conn. J.Lo broke down while giving a performance about lost love and started to tear up.

J.Lo, who recently split from Marc Anthony, told the crowd: "You want to talk about love? I can talk about love. Oh, the stories!" she said during a heartfelt speech to the audience before breaking out with her hit "If You Had My Love."

She sang her hit and afterwards she said, "That's the first song I wrote about love. And this is the last song I wrote about love. A lot has happened since then!"

When the camera zoomed in and showed her starting to tear up, and the crowd gave her a standing ovation.

After she was done, Lopez told the sold-out crowd, "I took a trip down memory lane" – and then started to cry as the crowd applauded.

She then went into "Until It Beats No More" while her hot back up dancers reenacted scenes with her and some of the men from her past. And speaking of backup dancers, one of the hot ones recently gave J.Lo a steamy lap dance during a night out in Las Vegas last month, but it looks like he’s already out of the picture because J.Lo has been spotted on a few dates with Bradley Cooper.

J.Lo and Bradley were first spotted together in New York during New York Fashion Week in September on a hot date. They’ve keep the relationship under wraps, but were recently spotted together again last week. J.Lo tried to hide her face from the cameras while Bradley drove, but it was pretty obvious it was her.

On the morning of Oct. 15, the twosome were spotted pulling out of Bradley’s driveway at his Pacific Palisades home, and drove to J.Lo’s house in Hidden Hills, which is about 15 minutes away.

"They were laughing the whole time!" an eyewitness told Us Weekly. "Considering how depressed she has been since her breakup, it's no surprise that she has finally decided to let him in," the source continued.

I love these so-called sources. Unless you were in the car with them how do you know they were laughing the whole time? Anywho, Bradley is super hot and all, but it’s obvious J.Lo is still in love with Marc. Do you think J.Lo and Marc will reconcile? They never officially filed for divorce so it’s possible. Let us know what you think in the comments below.