Jennifer Lopez Tatt'd Up In New Music Video

May 4, 2012 By:
Jennifer Lopez Tatt'd Up In New Music Video

The diva with the dragon tattoo?

Jennifer Lopez is rocking some serious tattoo artwork in her new music video for “Follow the Leader.”

We know this because the "American Idol" judge is shirtless for most of the video, making her dragon writhe around with her dance moves.

Not to be outdone by the dragon on her back, the singer also has the words “Lideres” tatt’d across her chest in some fancy cursive writing. “Lideres” means “Leader” in Spanish, hence the title of her video, “Follow the Leader” but the fancy writing doesn’t distract from the fact that it’s a CHEST TATTOO!

She’s one body part away from getting a Mike Tyson face tat!

Anyways, I really hope it’s fake, because that thing is uggo!

The "Follow the Leader" video features Latin music artists Wisin & Yandel, oh and get this, it was directed by her boyfriend Casper Smart!

Yeah, her dancer beau Casper Smart is a director now! Perks of dating a pop star. First he got the featured dance solo in “Dance Again” and now he’s directing videos?

Lopez hopes her video will break a new YouTube video view, “Let’s break the record Vevo, 5M views in 24 hours!”

So far, the video has 550,000 views, so almost there?