Jennifer Lopez Spends PDA Filled Night With Casper Smart

November 21, 2011 By:
Jennifer Lopez Spends PDA Filled Night With Casper Smart

You know that straight dudes only become back-up dancers to hook up with the talent, right?  Casper Smart has just become the poster child for dancing dudes everywhere that “It can happen to you!” If you have no idea who Casper Smart is, let me explain. In case you’ve been living under a rock, and if you have been, I’m sorry man, times are hard, I get it…Casper Smart is the 24 year old back-up dancer that Jennifer Lopez has been hooking up with. Call him the rebound guy, the f-ck buddy, whatever, but this guy is having the best month ever.

Casper performed with J.Lo at the AMA’s last night and after the show he was her official date at the celeb studded after-party.

Lopez and Smart showed up to the after-party at the Greystone Manor in West Hollywood where she wowed on the red carpet, but once inside the party, she took her boy-toy straight to a private booth near the DJ.

Lopez then treated her man to lap dances the whole night, giving him a kiss and rubbing his head. Mind you, everyone who is anyone in the music industry was at this bash. J.Lo and Smart may have been in a private booth but that doesn’t mean the whole world didn’t see what was going on with J.Lo and her new man.

Last week they hid their faces from paparazzi and now they are bumping and grinding at the AMA’s. According to an onlooker, Casper seemed a little embarrassed probably because he was the subject of “who the heck is J.Lo sitting on?” and “Casper who?” and maybe “What kind of ghost name is that?”

The couple left hand in hand at 12:45, surrounded of course by J.Lo’s entourage.

Also, doesn’t this guy kind of remind you Chris Judd? Judd was J.Lo’s second husband and one of her back-up dancers at the time. Okay, the only similarities between Judd and Smart is that they are both dancers and have shaved heads. But still, it’s kind of a “Someone Like You” moment, amiright?

On Saturday night, the AMA hosted it’s gifting suite, which is where celebrities get free stuff simply for being celebrities, but J.Lo sent Smart in her place to go pick up the free swag.

In other J.Lo news, both she and her ex-husband Marc Anthony performed at the AMA’s last night. Who knows if he saw her with her new man, but thankfully this duo avoided any awkward run ins on-stage and off.