Jennifer Lopez Speaks Out About "Sex Tape"

June 20, 2011 By:
Jennifer Lopez Speaks Out About

Jennifer Lopez is finally speaking out about her ex husband’s claims that he has a sex tape and the fact that the intimate video has been sold and will most likely be leaked online soon.

Her ex Ojani Noa has 27 hours of footage of Jennifer before she became J.Lo. The tapes have some intimate stuff on there, but J.Lo insists it’s absolutely not a “sex tape.”

She told Culture magazine: "My first husband has tapes of us from our life. It's horrible. It's horrible someone would try to sell personal things, but there's nothing on it. There's no sex tape."

A judge had put a stop to the tape so her douchey ex sold it to his girlfriend Claudia Vazquez in order to make sure the tapes become public.

Luckily that annoyed the judge handling the case and the tapes have been turned over to J.Lo’s attorney Jay Lavley and are currently in a safe deposit box in Century City, Ca.

He said: "Now there is an evidentiary chain. Before they just wanted me to hand it over to Jay Lavely and he would just put it in a drawer. We went with a bank so people will be photographed coming in and out and there is no tampering."

But her ex seems pretty determined to make the tapes public so I wouldn’t be surprised if they “leak” online and he blames his current girlfriend for them. Keep an eye out for the booty tapes in the next few weeks—nothing is safe in this town.