Jennifer Lopez is a Paranoid Mother

May 11, 2009 By:
Jennifer Lopez is a Paranoid Mother

Jennifer Lopez admits that she was a bit of a paranoid mother when she gave birth to the twins.But it was that paranoia that got her thinking about healthcare in America.

Lopez opened up about a lump she discovered on her daughter Emme's head when she was just three weeks old. Clearly it was nothing to worry about, but being a mother, the smallest scratch could be something really big.

“We both got very nervous, very, very nervous, and I just remember my heart sinking to my feet,” Lopez told E! News. “I looked at Marc and I said, ‘You know if anything happens, I’m not going to be OK, you know that right?’

“Luckily in the end, she turned out fine.”

That incident got Lopez to think about all those who don't have health care. “I started to wonder, what if I couldn’t afford a doctor, or receive the medicines, the procedures?” she said.

Well, J.Lo there are millions of people currently living without healthcare. Thankfully, she is doing something about it rather than just talking. J.Lo and Marc are involved in many organizations including Children's Health Fund which is an organization committed to providing health care to the nation's most medically underserved children. Good work J. Lo!