Jennifer Lopez: I Want More Kids

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Jennifer Lopez: I Want More Kids
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Jennifer Lopez says she wants more kids. She has three already? The twins and Casper Smart, right? Ba dum ching!

Ok, those “Casper Smart is a child” jokes are boring me now, especially since Casper might become J.Lo’s baby daddy.

“I would love to have more [children]. I don't know if it's in the cards for me, but I would love it,” J.Lo told E! Online.

Jennifer says the time just flew by with her twins Max and Emme and wishes she had more kids to enjoy that time with again.

“I can't believe they are going to be five. It went so fast. It feels like I just had them," says the pop star mom.

Not like I’m against the idea of J.Lo and Casper pro-creating, I mean, their future kids would arguably be the most talented dancers ever!

That being said, J.Lo SAYS she wants more kids, but then she jokes about never having alone time.

“I love taking baths. I wouldn't say it's a guilty pleasure, but it is hard when you're a mom because to have 15 or 10 minutes or to take a long, 20-minute bath is a luxury. But the last time I took a bath, my daughter comes in and goes, 'I want to get in with you!' I was like, 'OK.' "