Jennifer Lopez: I Feel Like I'm Being 'Picked On'

February 10, 2012 By:
Jennifer Lopez: I Feel Like I'm Being 'Picked On'

Jennifer Lopez is admitting that the media frenzy surrounding her life
kind of hurts her feelings sometimes. But don't feel too bad for her;
she has millions of dollars and 24 year-old backup dancers to cry

"It's hard sometimes, I'm not going to lie," Lopez said. "I try to
stay away from the media as much as I can."

But…how do you get your stories on Demi Moore's rehab stay?

"I try not to take it too personally, because I don't think they do it
just to me," the 'American Idol' judge continued. "But as a human
being it feels like that. You feel like you're the only one being
picked on. But the truth is, they pick on everybody. They really don't
discriminate. I try to concentrate on all the great things I have
going on in my life."

And we can see that. Lopez and her new dude, Casper Smart, were
photographed beach romping in Malibu with Lopez's two twins. And
speaking of Max and Emme, Jennifer says if they chose to pursue a
career in entertainment, she and estranged husband Marc Anthony would
be fully supportive.

"Here's what I know about doing what I do - and obviously their dad is
the same way. If they're going to do it, there's nothing I can do to
stop them - and I'll support them," Lopez says. "But just like my
mom, I'm going to make them go to school and I'm going to let them
make that decision when they're old enough to make that decision. I
don't want them to be in the business at a young age."